1907810_816882981672192_916694027_nYou can get my detailed résumé here. This is the CliffsNotes version.

I currently co-host WEDU Arts Plus on Tampa Bay’s PBS channel. I’m also the Smart Travel Insider for VISIT FLORIDA, where I blog about travel deals, produce videos, promote content via social media and answer questions from readers worldwide. Nice work, if you can get it…

Before all this, I was a reporter/producer for the WUSF Public Media, Tampa Bay’s NPR station. And before that, I was a staff writer for the Tampa Bay Times and Cleveland Magazine. But not at the same time.

Along the way, I’ve racked up some hardware, including a Suncoast Regional Emmy, Press Club of Cleveland Award and a handful of honors from the Florida Associated Press.

I have a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism from Ohio University and a master’s of teaching Spanish from Kent State University. Sí, hablo español.

I live near Tampa with my husband and daughter, who was born in 2012. In my vast paltry amounts of spare time, I started a container garden, which I chronicle on my blog Brown Girl Green Thumb.

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